06/13/2014 01:14 EDT | Updated 08/13/2014 05:59 EDT

A noteworthy exchange from question period Friday in the House of Commons

OTTAWA - On Friday, New Democrat MP Peter Julian asked Conservative MP Bob Dechert, parliamentary secretary to Justice Minister Peter MacKay, about that morning's Supreme Court ruling on Internet privacy — which has political implications for the federal government's current cyber-bullying bill. Dechert replied that the government is reviewing the high court's decision.

Julian: Mr. Speaker, Conservative incompetence has reached a new high. This morning, the Supreme Court ruled what the NDP and privacy experts have been warning all along, that allowing police to pull private information from telephone companies without warrant is not constitutional.

Yet Conservatives are steamrolling ahead with Bill C-13, which also allows unconstitutional spying on Canadians.

With yet another bill struck down by the Supreme Court, when will they finally take a balanced approach that keeps Canadians secure without infringing on constitutional rights?

Dechert: Mr. Speaker, we have just received the decision and we will review it. In addition, we will continue to crack down on cyberbullies and online criminals who work against and make our children and all Canadians unsafe. We will keep Canadians safe.