Father's Day Gifts Dads Actually Want

Sometimes, it's not about going through hundreds of gift guides or guessing what Dad could really use on June 15. Sometimes, it's just about the basics.

Dads have been the creators of all dad jokes, the go-to handyman to fix your toys and the type of person who seems to know the answer to every question ... whether he is right or wrong. For Father's Day, if you're still trying to figure out what the dad in your life really wants, do what we did: ask.

From spending quality time with their kids, to fishing on the lake and getting back some of their youthful hair, a dad's ultimate Father's Day wishlist varies from the "aww" to the "awwww." We hope all dads out there can squeeze in some of these wishes for 2014.

We asked dads across the country what they REALLY wanted for Father's Day this year. If you want to participate, please add your own slide below or email us at canadaliving@huffingtonpost.com.

What Dads REALLY Want For Father's Day

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