06/13/2014 01:47 EDT | Updated 06/13/2014 01:59 EDT

The Week In Video: The Weird And Strange, Animal Edition

Humans may have evolved to the top of the food chain but that doesn't mean our animal friends aren't capable of incredible feats as well.

Such talents could include getting stuck inside a car engine, leaping from a moving car to freedom or you know, resisting your primal urges to bite the faces off of humans who try to feed you sweets.

Video has made its way on to YouTube of a tour guide in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana who leapt into the water to feed chicken and a marshmallow to nearby alligators.

Tourists gasp in shock as the guide from Airboat Adventures sticks the marshmallow in his mouth, only to have a gator snatch it away moments later.

"When he jumped in I was a little scared, more for him than us though," said Stacy Hicks, a tourist from Oregon, in an interview with NBC. Hicks caught the incident on camera back in May but it's only recently attracted the attention of state law enforcement.

Feeding alligators is against the law and now the local sheriff department is launching an investigation into the incident, the Associated Press reports.

To find out what will become of the tour guide and for more incredible stories you might have missed this week, check out the videos above

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