06/13/2014 04:09 EDT | Updated 06/13/2014 04:59 EDT

Distinctive 'White' Black Bear At Calgary Zoo (PHOTOS)

Calgary Zoo

A striking "white" black bear is ready to be admired at the Calgary Zoo.

The distinctive bear spent the winter hibernating at the zoo, after being moved from Elkford, B.C., where she had become a nuisance and a danger to the public.

The bear was first spotted as a cub alongside its sibling, who is the same unique colour, in 2011.

However, only one of the cubs continued to return to the town, getting into garbage time after time.

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"Once a black bear becomes a feeding-on-garbage bear, the chances of a successful relocation, as in this case and in other cases we've done in the past, are very slim," Duncan McDonald, Elkford's public works director, said in a interview about the troublesome bruin last summer.

The decision to relocate the bear was made shortly after.

According to the Calgary Zoo, even though she carries the same colouring as a Kermode or "spirit" bear, she is not one, as those bears are found within a specific region in British Columbia.

Her light colouring, however, is attributed to the same recessive genes.

The Calgary Zoo welcomes the public to come check out this unique animal, and is also holding a contest to find a name for the bear.

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