06/16/2014 05:00 EDT | Updated 08/15/2014 05:59 EDT

FIFA World Cup 2014: 14 things to know

Looking to impress your co-workers at the next World Cup party? Well, this probably won't do it. But it is a collection of 14 interesting facts to help you enjoy the Brazil World Cup at a higher level.

(Please don't use this at parties.) 

1 — World ranking given to defending World Cup and Euro champion Spain. Though they find themselves in early trouble after a lopsided 5-1 defeat to Netherlands.

2 — Times Brazil has hosted the World Cup. Last time was in 1950.

3 — Maximum substitutions a manager can make in a match.

4 — players who have received a yellow card in the opening minute of a World Cup match.  

5 — Times Brazil has hoisted the World Cup trophy, the most of any country.

6 — Continental organizations under FIFA’s umbrella. UEFA (Europe), AFC (Asia & Middle East), CAF (Africa), CONMEBOL (South America), OFC (Oceania), and CONCACAF (North & Central America).

7 — Times Brazil has made the final (5 wins, 2 losses).

8 — Countries who have hoisted the World Cup in its 84-year history: Uruguay, Italy, Germany, Brazil, Argentina, England, France, and Spain.

9 — Jersey number worn by many of the top goal-scorers in World Cup history. Players wearing No. 9 have scored 255 goals. Uruguay's Luis Suarez, Italy's Mario Balotelli and Aregentina Gonzalo Higuain all wear this lucky number on their backs. 

10 — Pele’s number, along with many other famous Brazilian strikers. Neymar carries the burden of the No. 10 shirt for Brazil this time around.

11 — Players on the pitch for each team.

12 — Stadiums: FIFA recommended eight venues, but Brazil built 12.

13 — Record for number of goals scored in a World Cup by one player: Just Fontaine, of France, in 1958. That makes it a key number to beat for offensive stars in this tournament such as Neymar, Arjen Robben and Lionel Messi.

14 — as in “FIFA 14,” the most popular soccer video game, which includes a new World Cup mode.