06/17/2014 02:00 EDT | Updated 08/17/2014 05:59 EDT

Montreal city employees stop work to protest pension bill

Municipal workers in Montreal and other Quebec municipalities walked out en masse at 2 p.m. today, to protest against the Quebec government‘​s proposed legislation aimed at reforming municipal pension plans to control crippling deficits.

In Old Montreal, hundreds of city employees – including firefighters and police officers, who flashed the lights of their cruisers – crowded onto the steps of City Hall and spilled onto Notre-Dame Street and Place Jacques-Cartier.  Some waved black flags and started a bonfire on the street.


Quebec aims to reform pension plans of municipal workers

Elsewhere, transit drivers stopped buses in their tracks.

In Baie d'Urfé, firefighters protested in front of the West Island suburb's Town Hall, sounding their sirens.

A smaller protest also took place in front of City Hall in Quebec City.

The bill — officially titled An Act to foster the financial health and sustainability of municipal defined benefit pension plans — was tabled last Thursday, the day before the National Assembly broke for a summer recess.

Known as Bill 3, the proposed legislation would see municipal workers and cities evenly splitting the cost of the pension plan deficit.

Municipal Affairs Minister Pierre Moreau.said last week that municipal pension plan deficits now stand at nearly $4 billion across the province.

The new bill could make city employees pay more, and some retirees may also be on the hook for pension shortfalls.

Some 20,000 people are employed by the City of Montreal alone. 

In a surprise move, some 80 Montreal firefighters decided to take early retirement en masse last week, as soon as Bill 3 was tabled.