06/17/2014 03:52 EDT | Updated 10/23/2017 11:38 EDT

41 Sneaky Ways To Eat More Vegetables (With Recipes!)

If consuming your recommended two to three cups of vegetables every day feels like a chore, it's obvious you've yet to tap into the artful, enchanting and exquisite potential of the edible plant.

A serving of vitamin-rich, nutrient-dense produce doesn't have to be consumed through a sad Tupperware's worth of wilted iceberg, or a measly carrot stick used solely as a vessel for unhealthy ranch dip. No, when treated right, vegetables can be the extraordinary main event of your meal. Amp up the volume of a carb dish by tossing in some broccoli. Or swap pasta for spiraled veggies-turned-noodles, to cut back on calories and boost the nutrition of the dish.

Below, find 41 ways to beautifully rack up those servings of vegetables. Enjoy!

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