06/18/2014 03:35 EDT | Updated 08/18/2014 05:59 EDT

Alex Trebek, Sudbury-born Jeopardy! host, sets world record

The Jeopardy! game show marked a significant milestone when it ran its 6,829th episode this week.

Host Alex Trebek set a world record for the most game show episodes hosted by the same presenter for the same program.

In a video released by Guinness World Records, Trebek said, "It's a fun show to do, and it's a quality program that I never have to apologize for when I meet people."

According to Jeopardy's website, Trebek was first noticed by American viewers in 1973 when he hosted the NBC game show Wizard of Odds. After several other hosting roles, Trebek was chosen to host Jeopardy! in 1984. He was a hit with viewers and quickly became a pop culture icon.

Trebek has been honoured with a coveted star on both the Hollywood Walk of Fame and the Canadian Walk of Fame in Toronto, making him one of only a handful of entertainers honoured by both the United States and Canada.

In 2013, Trebek was ranked eighth in a Reader's Digest poll of the 100 Most Trusted People in America.

Born and raised in Sudbury, Trebek earned two degrees in philosophy from the University of Ottawa. Interested in a broadcasting news career, he joined the Canadian Broadcasting Company early on, covering national news and special events for radio and television. With the growing popularity of game shows, he eventually segued into the role of host.