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22 Reasons Why Rick Mercer Should Be Newfoundland's Next Premier


Newfoundland and Labrador is facing a political crisis.

Frank Coleman, the sole candidate running to replace former premier Kathy Dunderdale as leader of the governing Progressive Conservatives, quit the race Monday over a "significant and challenging family matter."

So who will ride in on a white steed to rescue the resource-rich province from its political malaise?

Allow us to suggest a name: Rick Mercer.

We know he has no political experience, and that he's shown little to no desire to enter the arena himself. But in our opinion, he has the grit, the smarts and the public profile to warrant some consideration for the province's highest office.

Here are 22 reasons why we think Rick Mercer should be the next premier of Newfoundland and Labrador.

  • He'd be one of Canada's top tourist attractions
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    A crack-smoking mayor would be no match for a wise-cracking premier!
  • Question period would be comedy hour
    Newfoundland and Labrador's House of Assembly would become a house of laughs with him in charge.
  • He's cultured
    If you can conduct a symphony, how hard can it be to control a caucus?
  • He's close to power
    How many people would Stephen Harper trust to sleep over at his house?
  • He can beat back Canadian stereotypes
    Just imagine what he could do to defeat perceptions about Newfoundlanders.
  • He even has his own ice cream
    Now THAT'S how you convince young people to go out and vote.
  • He can influence public opinion on a whim...
    Few can forget the time he convinced people that Stockwell Day should change his first name to "Doris."
  • And act as a sounding board for ignorance
    He'd make fools out of the people who know nothing about Eastern Canada.
  • He can make mincemeat of the powerful...
    This guy later tried to run for president of the United States.
  • And catch others completely off guard
    To be fair, George W. Bush looked he was in a hurry at the time.
  • Oh, he got this guy too
    Getty Images
    Al Gore didn't correct Mercer when he identified Toronto as Canada's capital city.
  • He's a class act
    He declined a Gemini Award nomination for his show "Talking to Americans" after the 9/11 attacks.
  • He's on the right side of almost every issue
  • Be it bullying...
  • Fear-mongering...
  • Online spying...
  • Or the flu shot
  • And he never holds back what he really thinks
    Have you ever seen Pierre Poilievre take it on the chin so hard?
  • We'd love to see how he handles the seal hunt
    No matter what his position, we'd love to hear a witty repartee like we once heard out of Danny Williams.
  • And oil production
    Newfoundland is an oil-rich province. How would he square that with his past jokes about Enbridge?
  • Politics don't always work out for media personalities
    Rex Murphy has thrice stood for election. The first time he dropped out and he was defeated the next two times.
  • But Rick Mercer is not Rex Murphy
    He is funnier, more articulate, better informed and, frankly, just easier to listen to than the CBC pundit.
  • Besides, he looks every bit the statesman
    So why couldn't he play the part?

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