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Pantene's 'Not Sorry' Ad Puts The Power Back In Women's Language (VIDEO)

Canadians may hold the monopoly for countries when it comes to saying "sorry," but looking at gender differences, women hold that dubious honour.

In this new "Not Sorry" ad from Pantene, women are shown in a variety of surprisingly natural-seeming situations, apologizing for everything from being interrupted while speaking to getting a fair share of the covers.

And if you recognize yourself in these scenarios, it's no surprise. A small study from the University of Waterloo last year found that while women and men are equally likely to apologize when they think they're wrong, frankly, women tend to think they're wrong more often, reports the Wall Street Journal.

"Sorry" has also become an automatic response for many women in their speaking patterns, sort of a grown-up "like" they can rely upon to ensure they never seem rude. And that's why we love this ad (even if it is a plug for shampoo) and its "sorry, not sorry" conclusion (even if that passive-aggressive hashtag can grate at times).

It's about women women became more aware of the small ways in which they make themselves appear less in control of their lives, or less important than others, by stopping with all the "sorry." No apologies necessary.

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