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Warrant issued for suspect in death of man who tried to stop theft of truck

EDMONTON - A warrant has been issued in the case of an Edmonton man who was killed trying to stop his work truck from being stolen.

Adam Groves, 33, died after being run over on June 13.

Police say the events of the day began when they tried to stop a couple in a stolen Ford F-150 truck, but gave up the chase when the fleeing vehicle reached high speeds in a residential neighbourhood.

About an hour later, officers found the truck ditched in a parking lot; the couple had just left the vehicle and were fleeing on foot.

The female was apprehended but the male jumped into a nearby 2006 Dodge Ram truck that had been left running and ran over the truck's owner as he tried to block the theft.

On Thursday, a Canada-wide warrant was issued for Jonathan Jake Cardinal, 31, of no fixed address, on charges of manslaughter, criminal negligence causing death and other charges.

Cardinal is described as aboriginal, five-foot-ten, 180 lbs. with medium length brown/black hair.

Police said Cardinal is believed to be in Edmonton, and considered dangerous.

There has been no word on charges against the female.

Groves's family has said his truck was how he made his living as an independent contractor and supported his wife and two children, a seven-year-old boy and a four-year-old girl.


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