06/19/2014 06:28 EDT | Updated 06/19/2014 08:59 EDT

Wayne Rooney Celebrates First World Cup Goal Ever (PHOTOS)

It happened. It finally happened. Wayne Rooney’s World Cup goal drought is over.

The English forward scored his first World Cup goal ever on Thursday after tapping in a shot past Uruguay goalkeeper Fernando Muslera. But despite the jubilance on the field, Team England went on to lose their second match of the tournament.

Final score was 2-1 for Uruguay. It isn't over yet for Roy Hodgson’s team just yet, though.

Second round advancement is possible depending on the outcome of Costa Rica’s game against Italy on Friday. If Costa Rica either wins or draws, then England is out. If Italy wins against Costa Rica and Uruguay, then the English move through.

In the meantime, here’s a series of photos capturing Rooney’s moment of glory.

For those who missed the magic moment, here’s an Vine replay:

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