06/20/2014 09:51 EDT

'Amazing Race Canada' 2014 Teams: Rex Harrington And Fiance Latest Contestants For Season 2

One of Canada's most legendary dancers has joined one of Canada's most successful reality shows. National Ballet of Canada star Rex Harrington and his long-time partner and fiance Bob Hope make up one of the two final teams to be taking part in Season 2 of "Amazing Race Canada."

All 11 teams have now been announced by CTV, and "Amazing Race Canada" is set to start up in less than three weeks. Aside from Harrington and Hope, the other team announced today is Mickey Henry and Pete Schmalz, two long-haired best friends who resemble the "hippie" teams of seasons past.

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"Amazing Race Canada" producers will have to up the ante to maintain the show's success. Having already been made privy to some Season 2 spoilers (for example, we're 99 percent certain the Race is going outside of Canadian borders this time around), we also have some insider knowledge about who some of the competing pairs are. Olympians Natalie Spooner and Meaghan Mikkelson, announced Tuesday, were one of the teams we knew about beforehand -- but, as promised, we didn't spoil for you until CTV made the official announcement.

We also heard rumours about Harrington -- and now we know for sure!

"Amazing Race Canada" Season 2 will premiere on Tuesday, July 8 at 8 p.m. ET on CTV.