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Icelandic Singer Charms Us With Mystery 'Girl From Vancouver'

Anyone who can rhyme "Vancouver" with "Hoover" in a romantic ballad is an honorary citizen in our books. Icelandic musician Svavar Knútur has our attention with his single, "Girl From Vancouver."

In the sweet song, Knútur declares:

I'm in love with a girl from Vancouver

Maybe I'll move there

Maybe I'll move there

She's so sweet she's got my heart in a Hoover

Girl from Vancouver

Girl from Vancouver.

The catchy tune leaves us with so many questions. Who is this girl from Vancouver? Did they meet in Vancouver or Iceland or elsewhere entirely? Do they still talk?

We couldn't help but notice in the video (posted above) that Knútur is wearing a wedding ring. Did he marry the "Girl From Vancouver?" Did he buy her a Hoover?

We would really like to know. We've reached out to Knútur to solve some of these mysteries and will update this story if he gets back to us.

UPDATE: She exists! Svavar Knútur emailed us back to reveal that he met the "Girl From Vancouver" in the summer of 2012 at a concert he played in Brooklyn, New York. Here's his charming account of how the song came to be:

She came up to me after the show and introduced herself and said she was a big fan of my music. Being a fjord boy from Iceland, naturally it took me off guard, and I was basically flabbergasted by her words. Then she went on to say that she came all the way from Vancouver for the show. I don't know if that statement was true or not, but it totally threw me off at the time and turned me into a babbling imbecile.

I didn't know what to say, but images of frolicking adventures, love and carnal pleasure flashed through my mind, rendering me quite speechless, until I managed to blurt out: "Cool, wow, thanks..." A veritable master of the bardic profession and the gentle art of conversation indeed.

We kept in touch over Facebook and trade pictures and stories of our lives every now and then, but I always felt this beautiful and embarrassing encounter merited a song at least. So I wrote her a song while on tour in Europe.

When I shared it with her, she took it like a champ, although I'm pretty sure it must have been a little bit awkward for her.

I think it's really important, for an artist and maybe for everyone really, to be able to fall in love with the people you meet, even if it doesn't turn into a romantic relationship. I fall in love with lots of different people that really affect me and I somehow sense all this beauty and intrigue that orbits their existence. I love that feeling."

We love it too, Svavar.

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