06/20/2014 01:21 EDT | Updated 08/20/2014 05:59 EDT

Rob Ford's Voter List Stolen By Rival Campaign, Doug Ford Claims


Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's voter list has ended up in the hands of rival mayoral candidate Karen Stintz, and the Ford campaign is calling it theft.

Doug Ford has met with police after he says he found definitive proof that his brother's contacts were removed from the mayor's office and ended up with Coun. Stintz's campaign. Ford says he suspected Stintz was involved when a supporter from Calgary called his office to ask how Stintz got his address, when the supporter had only ever contacted Ford.

"[The list] came from the mayor's office and we are going to narrow down the suspect," said Doug Ford, explaining that taking the contacts from the mayor is no different than stealing property.

He says it was stolen, but says he thinks it was given or sold to the Stintz campaign.

The Stintz campaign released a statement on Friday to say it has received voter lists from various parties who may have switched allegiances during the course of the campaign. "We have people supporting Karen who have supported other candidates in the past, and we accept lists that are given to us. If people on our list don’t want to support Karen or don’t want to receive emails they can simply click on unsubscribe," said her press secretary.

Coun. Ford, however, is adamant it amounts to theft. "I can't tell you how many rules have been broken on this one," said Coun. Ford.

Coun. Ford says he met with the city manager — who he claims also got a donor request from the Stintz campaign — the City Hall human resources manager and the police. Ford vows to "get to the bottom of it."

Doug Ford is currently his brother's campaign manager as well as representing a north Etobicoke ward on council.

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