06/21/2014 09:00 EDT | Updated 08/21/2014 05:59 EDT

Useful phrases from the Haida Language

With an estimated 60 native speakers left, the language of the Haida is considered endangered, but it is far from going extinct. The younger generation of Haida is connecting with elders, and learning their language.

The Haida language has three surviving dialects. The  Alaska (Xaad Kil) and Old Masset (Xaad Kil)  dialects are quite similar, while the Skidegate dialect (Xaayda Kil) is more distinct.

Here are translations of some commonly used phrases in the Skidegate (Xaayda Kil) and Old Masset (Xaad Kil) dialects:

How are you?

Gasing.uu dang Giidang ? (Xaayda Kil)

Gasanuu dang Giiydang? (Xaad Kil)

I am well.

Dii 'laa ga. (Xaayda Kil)

Dii 'laagang. (Xaad Kil)

How is the weather today?

Gasing.uu ahaay.yad sii.ngaay Giidang? (Xaayda Kil)

Gasanuu ayaad sangee Giiydang? (Xaad Kil)

The weather is very nice today.

Ahaay.yad sin 'laa Gudsdll ga. (Xaayda Kil)

Ayaad sangee 'laa Gusdlang. (Xaad Kil)

Thank you.

Haawa. (Xaayda Kil)

Haw'aa. (Xaad Kil)

Say it to me in the Haida Language.

Dii gii hla Xaayda kihlgii suu ga. (Xaayda Kil)

Xaad kihlga dii ga hl suudii. (Xaad Kil)

Say it again.

Asing hla suu. (Xaayda Kil)

Hawsan hl suu. (Xaad Kil)

I'll see you again.

Asing dang hll King Gas ga. (Xaayda Kil)

Hawsan dang hl kingsang. (Xaad Kil)

Xaayda Kil translations provided by the Skidegate Haida Immersion Program. Xaad Kil translations provided by Jusquan Amanda Bedard.