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The Best Halal Restaurants In Toronto


While eating halal can be a challenge in some Canadian cities where the Muslim population is small, the only challenge Muslims in the Greater Toronto Area face is choosing between a myriad of delicious options.

Halal food, or food which follows Islamic Law and is permissible for Muslims to eat, is widely available in the GTA, thanks to the diverse population.

With the holy month of Ramadan approaching, during which Muslims fast between sunrise and sunset, many halal restaurants see an influx of diners at the end of the day. Muslims who go out to restaurants to break their fasts will often have very specific requirements.

Aside from halal food options, some Muslims will look for restaurants with designated prayer areas and/or close proximity to a mosque so they can perform their evening prayers. Although most restaurants have halal options (generally vegetarian and seafood dishes), some Muslims choose not to eat at restaurants where alcohol is served.

Alcohol, pork and its by-products, blood, carnivorous animals, and animals slaughtered without a prayer, are some of the major dietary restrictions that are considered haram, or forbidden. Restaurants that are certified halal by religious organizations, such as the ISNA Halal Certification Agency, will generally have to abstain from using any of these products.

And far from being confined to kabobs and shwarma, halal food comes in varieties from Italian to Chinese. Whether it's in a small family-owned restaurant or a larger franchise, halal restaurants get a lot of love from Muslims (not to mention those who just love food!) who need their occasional steak and burger.

Here are some much-loved halal food establishments in the GTA that absolutely anyone would adore:

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Affy’s Premium Grill

Where: Multiple locations (Mississauga & Pickering)

Type of food: Italian

Words of praise: “As far as the food is concerned, Affy's has the best halal steaks in Toronto by far. I've been there a number of times and have never been disappointed with the food.” - Yelp

Alcohol Served: No

Burger Factory

Where: 5130 Dixie Rd., Mississauga

Type of food: Diner

Words of praise: "Ground beef is fresh and is pressed on the griddle, fries are hand cut. So when you get your meal, the fries are hot and somewhat limp the way hand cut fries should be, burger takes a while to make but when you get it, hot and juicy." - Yelp

Alcohol Served: No

Cinamon Indian Bistro

Where: 1966 Queen St. E., Toronto

Type of food: Indian

Words of praise: "This is the BEST Indian food I have ever had! It is so addictive though!" - Yelp

Alcohol Served: No

Crave Grill House

Where: 25 Woodbine Downs Blvd #5, Toronto

Type of food: North American

Words of praise: "I had the juiciest NY filet mignon steak at Crave Grill yesterday. Its authentic, tender, melt in the mouth texture with a delectable black peppercorn sauce on the side, baked potato and a generous serving of steamed vegetables, is the BEST kept secret in town!!" - Google Reviews

Alcohol Served: No

Faley’s Restaurant

Where: Multiple locations in Rexdale area

Type of food: Hakka Chinese

Words of praise: “Great food and really good prices. Chili chicken is one of the best in the GTA and the owners are super friendly. Highly recommended.” - Urbanspoon

Alcohol Served: Yes

Karachi Kitchen

Where: Multiple locations (Mississauga, Brampton, Scarborough)

Type of food: Pakistani

Words of praise: "The Ribs and Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich was by faaarrrr the BEST I've EVER had!!!!" - Facebook (Karachi Kitchen)

Alcohol Served: No

Big Moe’s Burgers

Where: Multiple locations in Toronto

Type of food: Diner

Words of praise: "The prices are very good for the burgers they make. I would totally recommend this place to people that love burgers." - Yelp

Alcohol Served: No

Kara Mia

Where: Multiple locations (Mississauga, Vaughan)

Type of food: Italian

Words of praise: "I just love this restaurant and I love the food. The wait time is usually 20-30 minutes, but hey, that's just because the food is being made fresh rather than left to be warmed up at a moment's notice." - Google Reviews

Alcohol Served: No

Eddies Wok N Roll

Where: 6400 Millcreek Dr., Mississauga

Type of food: Hakka Chinese

Words of praise: "The prices are very reasonable and the food is excellent. I have been to this place more than 5 times and each time tasted different dishes which were all awesome." - Yelp

Alcohol Served: Yes

Lahore Tikka House

Where: 1365 Gerrard St. E., Toronto

Type of food: Pakistani

Words of praise: "Wowzers! the food is amazing, portions are plentiful and although we had to eat off paper plates, it gave us a kind-of rustic, ethnic experience." - Google Reviews

Alcohol Served: No

Mesh Peri Peri

Where: 5955 Latimer Dr., Mississauga

Type of food: Portuguese

Words of praise: "If you want to enjoy Portuguese grilled Chicken, when wait no more this is the joint. Been here twice!" - Trip Advisor

Alcohol Served: No


Where: 145 Rexdale Blvd., Toronto

Type of food: East African-Western

Words of praise: "...our taste buds are bound to be intrigued and delighted upon tasting Chef Osman’s creations. We recommend the Mushkaki Chicken Burger and the KK." - HalalFoodie

Alcohol Served: No

Naan Kabob

Where: Multiple locations (Mississauga, Scarborough)

Type of food: Afghani

Words of praise: "Naan and Kabob is, by far, one of the best restaurants I have dined in. The decor is simple and unassuming. The food is absolutely delicious!" - Trip Advisor

Alcohol Served: No

Pak Centre

Where: 2683 Lawrence Ave. E, Toronto

Type of food: Pakistani

Words of praise: "Decent ambiance, clean atmosphere. Food takes a while to prepare but worth the wait. Make sure you leave room for the falooda-always made to perfection with the right amount of ice cream, vermicelli, jelly and nuts." - Urbanspoon

Alcohol Served: No

Paramount Fine Foods

Where: Multiple locations (Mississauga, Thornhill, Toronto, Hamilton, London)

Type of food: Middle Eastern

Words of praise: "Really really good food - freshly cooked, imaginative and very tasty." - Trip Advisor

Alcohol Served: No

Restoran Malaysia

Where: 815 Major Mackenzie Dr. E., Richmond Hill

Type of food: Malaysian

Words of praise: “I always order the pad thai, Indonesian fried rice and cashew nut beef tenderloin and they are all consistently delicious." - Yelp

Alcohol Served: No

Slice of New York

Where: 64 Edward St.,Toronto

Type of food: Italian/Deli

Words of praise: "Not only do they offer fresh food that is of above average quality compared to your typical halal pizza joint, they offer many other delicious options such as stromboli, calzone and rotisserie chicken all at reasonable prices." - BlogTO

Alcohol Served: No


Where: Multiple locations in Toronto

Type of food: Thai

Words of praise: "The place is small, it can get very warm and stuffy, and because it is always busy the service can be slow. But once you try the food it'll be totally worth it. Also make sure you you come here very hungry as the portions are big." - Google Reviews

Alcohol Served: Yes

The Burgernator

Where: 269 Augusta Ave., Kensington Market, Toronto

Type of food: Diner

Words of praise: "Nothing beats a juicy burger and all the fixings dripping down as you attempt to eat it. Awesome job!" - Urbanspoon

Alcohol Served: No


Where: 1-426 Major Mackenzie Dr. E., Richmond Hill

Type of food: Pizza, Diner food

Words of praise: "One of my favourite restaurants. Their wings and pizza are phenomenal, and their Cheese Burger was absolutely amazing. You can't go wrong with Toppings!" - Google Reviews

Alcohol Served: No

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