06/23/2014 03:24 EDT | Updated 06/23/2014 04:59 EDT

17 Reasons Why Shopping For A First Date Outfit Is The Worst

Paper Boat Creative via Getty Images

Much like a wedding dress, choosing a first date outfit is very important but also super stressful.

Not only does it reflect who you are (or at least who you want to appear to be) but it's one of the first things your date will notice, and therefore judge you on, which is why shopping for a first date outfit is actually kinda the worst.

Should you wear a dress? If so, how short should it be? How much cleavage should you reveal? Are your heels too high? Would it be cooler to wear flats?

You see? Finding a first date ensemble flat out sucks. Read on for the 17 reasons why shopping for a first date outfit is an awful experience:

Sometimes the mall can be so overwhelming that you don’t know where to start.

But you have to shop, because let’s face it: You have nothing to wear at home.

First world problems.

So you begin with your head held high as the sales associate quietly judges everything you pick out.

Frustration doesn’t really set in until you start looking for things in your size.

You need this to be perfect, yet all that's left is XXS and XXL.

Only to realize in the change room that the style just doesn’t fit you.

Sometimes you have to make tough decisions, but your self-doubt gets in the way.

So you turn to your friends for advice, but they don’t always give you the reaction you were looking for.

So you end up feeling like this.

When all you really want is to feel like this.

There's a reason why you won't get anything custom-fitted either.

So, you end up going to a bunch of stores, frantically trying on everything.

Then, panic sets in.

So you pick an outfit you think looks kinda decent.


Will your date approve?

Or will they hate it?

In the end, you realize the most important thing is that you feel good.

Even when you end up drinking a lot to calm your nerves.