06/23/2014 01:35 EDT | Updated 06/23/2014 01:59 EDT

United Cabs, Calgary's New Taxi Service, Promises No Busy Signal

United Cabs Calgary

Could this be the answer to Calgary's cab woes?

A new taxi company is promising one thing the others aren't — to pick up the phones.

"You can try our phone lines, and you’ll never get a busy signal,” Rupinder Gill, the president of United Cabs, told the Calgary Herald.

Calgary United Cabs is run using a co-operative profit share model, reports CBC Calgary, and already has 70 drivers, all who left other cab companies in Calgary to drive for United.

Gill said many of the company's drivers left other fleets after becoming disgruntled.

Gill is the head of the Calgary Cab Drivers' Association and a former driver for Associated Cab. Last year he led Associated drivers on a series of wildcat strikes, after becoming frustrated with issues in Calgary's taxi industry.

One of the biggest complaints was the amount of money being paid to brokers.

Gurjeet Sidhu, a driver who left Checker Yellow Cab for United, told the Herald he is paying United half of what he was previously paying in brokerage fees.

“I feel more respected here,” Sidhu said. “With United, I am part of the company. I’m involved in the decisions.”

However, warns Global Calgary, a new taxi company doesn't necessarily mean more cabs on Calgary streets.

The city still only has 1,526 licensed cab operating in Calgary and United drivers only switched their licenses over from other companies.

Ward 5 councillor Ray Jones told CTV Calgary we will push for more than 300 new taxi licences in the hopes of easing frustration, especially around busy times like Stampede and Christmas.

United Cabs features a mobile booking app, and online booking, or call 403-777-1111 for service.

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