06/24/2014 09:08 EDT | Updated 06/25/2014 11:59 EDT

Remember The Strangers Kissing Video? The Sequel Has Slapping (And Haley Joel Osment)

Remember that viral video of the actors and models kissing? Now add slapping (and Haley Joel Osment) and you'll have something that's much, much more satisfying.

The video isn't a parody but a recreation, except with hitting. It's the brainchild of screenwriter Max Landis and features a mixture of actors and regular people. They were not paid, according to Landis.

But frankly those behind-the-scenes details are beside the point. This is a video about people getting smacked and, particularly, Haley Joel Osment getting smacked (anyone else think he looks at lot like Al Borland these days?) . Skip to 1:47 for that magic moment.

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