06/25/2014 02:47 EDT | Updated 06/25/2014 02:59 EDT

15 Reasons Why Canadians Are The Best Dressed In The World

Canadians have a lot to brag about: we produce some of the most amazing authors, actors and thinkers of the modern age but more importantly (at least to us style mavens), we also have the best dressed peeps in the world.

We realize that that's a bold claim—after all, we're not effortlessly chic like the French, creative like the Japanese or elegant like the Italians. But, despite this, Canucks are responsible for classic fashion trends that have been adopted around the world and have produced some of the most stylish celebrities on the scene today.

Not to toot our own horn but Canadians just plain kick butt when it comes to fashion.

Check out the 15 reasons why Canucks are the best dressed in the world:

1. We invented the Canadian tuxedo.

2. You can thank us for the plaid trend.

3. Roots sweaters.

4. Hudson's Bay stripes are basically our national colours.

5. Models love our Canada Goose jackets.

6. We can wear our Olympic gear even when the Games have ended.

7. They're toques, not beanies.

8. Toronto Fashion Week is our pride and joy.

Stacey McKenzie is the most fabulous unofficial representative.

9. Two words: Coco Rocha.

10. We're experts at transitional dressing.

Bring it on, spring.

11. Even when it's freezing cold, we always look good.

12. We can tie a scarf like a boss.

13. We look hot even in our ski outfits.

14. Our celebrities are style icons.

15. Even our monkeys are stylish.

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