06/25/2014 07:42 EDT | Updated 08/25/2014 05:59 EDT

Neymar investigated by FIFA for underwear violation: report

Well, that was a headline we didn’t expect to write.

But, it also may be true. The Brazilian star, according to Yahoo, is being investigated by FIFA for not wearing sanctioned underwear during the team’s match against Cameroon on Monday.

“Unsanctioned” underwear, if you are curious (likely), is any undergarment that isn’t made by a company sponsoring the 2014 World Cup. It in no way has anything to do with player safety. Which would also be strange.

Neymar's underwear was partially exposed when he swapped shirts after the win over Cameroon. Twitter sleuths noticed that Neymar changed into the alleged illegal underpants at halftime, which appear to be in the pattern of the Brazilian flag.

Some fans noticed this more than others.

FIFA is getting to the bottom of the issue by possibly bringing Neymar in to be debriefed. Reports also suggest that if there is another underwear pun included in this post, the universe will implode.