06/26/2014 07:24 EDT | Updated 08/26/2014 05:59 EDT

Cracked Hudson dam causing new problems for residents

A cracked dam in the town of Hudson west of Montreal is causing new headaches for homeowners.

Heavy rains on Tuesday filled Pine Lake next to the dam and had town officials worried the damaged dam could give way.

One homeowner whose property borders the lake had authorities banging on her door at midnight on Tuesday.

“They were afraid the dam would wash away, and take part of the property and road with it,” Cynthia Maher told CBC News. “It really stressed me out.”

Maher watched the lake disappear during the spring thaw thanks to a crack in the dam that let the water drain away, leaving a swampy, smelly mess.

Mayor Ed Prévost said the Town of Hudson was planning to ask the provincial government for an emergency decree today that would fast-track repairs to the dam.

In order to receive approval to fix the dam, the municipality needs to work with several levels of provincial government.

Prévost said repairs to the dam have been caught up in government red-tape.

Meanwhile, water has been rushing over the dam since Tuesday and crews have blocked off a section of road near the dam.

Resident Jennifer Butler said the road closure now has even more homeowners frustrated with the situation.

“It's going to put pressure on the town and they're going to be forced to take action,” she said.  “All of this traffic is being rerouted right now onto a very small side-street, and the residents are starting to make noise about the amount of traffic they've been faced with today.”