06/26/2014 03:05 EDT | Updated 06/26/2014 04:59 EDT

S**t Harper Did Punks Tories With Action Plan Parody Website

If you're not a fan of the Conservative government or its Economic Action Plan then you'll probably love this clever bit of viral mischief.

Shit Harper Did (SHD), the activist group famous for its subversive anti-Tory ads, noticed that the government never bought the url EconomicActionPlan.ca, opting for ActionPlan.gc.ca instead. So the group purchased the first domain and transformed it into a biting attack on the government's controversial Economic Action Plan ads.

In a series of satirical videos, SHD make mockery of the government commercial, which have so far cost more than $100 million to produce.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has defended the money spent on the ads by arguing that they give Canadians a sense of pride about how well the economy has done in the wake of the financial crisis.

Arguments about how well Canada is actually doing aside, taxpayer-funded government ads are supposed to inform citizens about programs and services, according to Treasury Board guidelines, but many of the ads have failed to reference actual measures taken by the government.

Money well spent? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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