06/27/2014 06:06 EDT | Updated 08/27/2014 05:59 EDT

Chester the cat arrives in Vancouver after being lost by Air Canada

Chester, a seven-month-old Scottish Fold kitten who was lost by Air Canada at a Montreal airport last month, has finally arrived in Vancouver to meet its new family.

Amanda Stewart, who lives in Surrey, B.C., bought Chester from a Quebec breeder for $1,200, but the cat managed to escape from its airline-approved cat carrier on May 21 while at the Montreal airport en route to Vancouver.

Stewart set up a Facebook page to help co-ordinate searchers in Montreal and an airport employee found Chester last week prowling around an airport fence, safe and sound — if a little skinny.

Picking up Chester from Air Canada's cargo terminal in Vancouver Friday, Stewart said her family couldn't be happier to have him home, finally.

"He's great. I just had him in my lap and he fell asleep pretty much on me. He's very relaxed, an easy-going little guy," said Stewart.

A spokesperson for Air Canada said the airline company bought Chester a new pet carrier and paid for a full vet checkup, but there will be no compensation for Stewart.

Air Canada will be refunding Chester's Montreal breeder, who paid for the cost of shipping.