06/28/2014 03:26 EDT | Updated 08/28/2014 05:59 EDT

Brennan Gleason puts resume on beer, lands job

When Brennan Gleason graduated from the University of the Fraser Valley's first Graphic and Digital Design class he decided to show off his skills by designing the branding for his own homebrew beer.

The Résum-Ale, which was sent out in February, helped Gleason land a design job. The unique application also went viral this week, drawing attention from Yahoo, ABC News, The Huffington Post, Design Taxi, Laughing Squid and others.

Gleason says he was inspired by other different and sometimes wacky self-promotion pieces he's seen.

"I've seen beef jerky business cards and really weird stuff like that. So, I really wanted to do something along those lines," he told CBC News.

The packaging on the four-pack of "Résum-Ale" reads, "Visually pleasing, smooth and elegant with a bit of a wild side... and I'm not just talking about the beer."

Gleason's new job is as creative director the Vancouver-based digital marketing agency Techtone.