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Canada Day Music: Oh, Canada! These Playlists Are For Thee

Take a deep breath, Canada, because on July 1st, you’re going to have a whopping 147 candles to blow out. (We promise not to use ones that re-light.) Whether you plan on commemorating the country’s birthday by watching the fireworks, attending a parade, or stuffing your face with pop and poutine, we’ve got 9 Canada Day playlists to soundtrack your celebration.

Every summer, a sunny new crop of super-infectious pop songs commands the airwaves and our eardrums. They’re the songs you love to hate and hate to love -- but they always make you dance. Get your Canada Day party started right with Every Summer Dance Party.

If you’re hoping to see fireworks (literally and figuratively) this Canada Day, take your sweetie up to a romantic spot with a view and turn on Summer Nights on Lovers' Lane, a tender collection of timeless oldies that’s sure to set the mood.

Are your guests getting hungry? Then serve up a sampling of smooth and tasty treats with Soul Buffet , an easygoing mix of pop and R&B hits from the ‘60s and ‘70s that will get people groovin’ and going back for seconds.

In the words of George Clinton, “put a glide in your stride, a dip in yo’ hip, and come on up north to the mothership of all countries, Canada.” (Err, at least that’s how we heard it.) Put on your boogie shoes and get down this Canada Day with A Profoundly Funky Dance Party.

If you want to listen to three-plus hours of Canadians covering “O Canada!”, then you’re in the wrong place. (Also, you might need to get out more.) But if you want to pay homage to your country by celebrating its impressive body of folk-rock musicians, Classic Canadiana is the way to go.

Canada has produced a lot of great things: poutine, peanut butter, and a slew of hip hop’s most respected artists (in addition to some dude named Drake). Take a journey across Canada's expansive hip hop landscape with Northern Touch: A Journey Through Canadian Hip Hop.

Grab a two-four, some burgers and buns, and get ready for Summer Grilling With Okanagan Spring. This nostalgic mix of folk and alt rock will have you and your friends dancing and doing drunken karaoke in no time. (Free tip: spatulas make great makeshift microphones.)

Whether you’re head up to your cottage to take a relaxing dip in the water or just want to feel like you’re Lying in Lakes, this mellow mix of indie and folk rock will definitely put you in a peaceful, pensive place. Just keep swimming! Just keep swimming!

Often referred to as Canada’s cultural capital, the distinctly Modern Montreal has a reputation for inspiring generations of musicians. Rock out to a collection of indie, alt, folk and electronic stars from the city’s bustling music scene, and then go grab a piece of that giant, multi-layer cake.

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