06/30/2014 03:19 EDT | Updated 07/02/2014 04:00 EDT

30 Great Canadian Quotes That Contain Centuries Of Wisdom

Gail Shotlander via Getty Images

Canadian authors refuse to fit into any one category, despite how much we may try to pin them down.

Sure, we can now lay claim to a Nobel Prize in Literature, and know that we're beloved across the world, but other than Canadian citizenship, there's really very little that allows us to categorize Canadian literature in one fell swoop.

So what do we think that means? That we have a range of opinions and experience that only lead to one thing — a mass amount of collective wisdom. We're a nation of thinkers, of theories and endurance, and this Canada Day, it's time to celebrate just how much we've learned through our literature.

So what can the rest of the world learn from our greatest authors?

Wisdom From Canadian Authors