06/30/2014 02:56 EDT | Updated 08/30/2014 05:59 EDT

Rob Ford returns: Watch the mayor's statement live

Rob Ford will make his first public statement since returning to city hall following a stay at an addiction treatment centre north of the city.

The Toronto mayor took a leave of absence in May to seek help after a series of photos of him holding what appears to be a crack pipe and recordings surfaced of him in bars making inappropriate comments surfaced in the media.

He has invited select media to cover his first statement since his return. will air it live — to watch, click the arrow above.

Ford's trip to rehab came months after he admitted to having smoked crack cocaine, saying it was likely during one of what he described as his "drunken stupors." Ford, who turned 45 last month while in rehab, is seeking re-election in this fall municipal election.

The Oct. 27 election is now less than four months away. Ford is facing dozens of opponents who have registered for the mayoral race.

Ford was elected as mayor in the fall of 2010. His successful bid to become the city's chief magistrate came after he spent a decade as a city councillor.

The 'circus' returns

Earlier in the day, colleagues on council were fielding questions about what they wanted to see from the mayor as he returns to his job at city hall.

"What I would like to hear from him politically is that he is going to keep the kind of wedge politics on the campaign trail and not bring them back into council, which has been functioning very well over the last several months," said Coun. John Filion.

"On a personal level, I just wish him the best and hope he stays on the straight and narrow."

Coun. Pam McConnell predicted that council will carry on with its work, just as it did when Ford was away.

"I'm sorry that the circus is back in town, but that's just the way it is," she said.

Coun. John Parker pointed to the fact that Ford, his work and his life at city hall have become a curiosity for people around the world.  

"I think what he has to realize is that quite literally, the whole world is watching," Parker said.

Now that Ford is returning, Parker said he "must understand what is expected of him at this point."