07/01/2014 10:39 EDT | Updated 08/31/2014 05:59 EDT

Mission Raceway volunteer safety team's equipment stolen

A Surrey couple who volunteer to keep race car drivers safe at tracks are baffled as to why someone stole their RV and say the life-saving equipment inside is more precious than the RV itself.

Mission Raceway Park is a haven for race car drivers and fans and it's also a passion for Bernice and Mike Zosiak.  

High speed racing is a dangerous business and for more than a quarter century, the pair have been part of safety teams at the track that take care of drivers if something goes wrong.

"We're firefighters, paramedics, EMTs.  We have trucks that are specialized in fire apparatus, said Mike Zosiak.  "We also have jaws of life and we tow cars and basically clean up and look after people if they're hurt."

Their passion has taken them to hundreds of races, including the now defunct Vancouver Molson Indy, and events across the U.S. West Coast.

They've also stood alongside some very famous drivers.

"Mario Andretti, we have Greg Moore in his race car.  We actually have our son pictured with Greg Moore," said Bernice Zosiak . "Unfortunately, the next year we lost him [Moore]."

The pair travels around in their well-worn RV, packed with life-saving gear. They were heading to a race in Seattle in the next few days.

But, when they woke up Monday morning, their locked RV was gone, stolen from their yard near 68th Avenue and 134th Street in Newton while they slept.

"And my first thought was, 'My god, all that equipment,'" said Bernice.  "Like, they got all that equipment.  I'm not worried about the motorhome, I just want our equipment back. That's it."

The stolen gear includes custom race track fire suits, helmets, gloves and a Jaws of Life.

"It's about a $10,000 piece of equipment," said Mike, "and it was donated by a great person who really tried to...wants really do what we do right."

Surrey RCMP are looking into the theft and the Zosiaks say friends in the racing community have stepped up to help.

"It's been 25 years, like I said, of incredible times, and it's just tragic that we have to jeopardize all that because somebody thought our motor home should go somewhere else besides our yard," said Bernice.

Anyone with information is asked to call Surrey RCMP.