07/03/2014 07:36 EDT | Updated 07/04/2014 12:59 EDT

This Woman's Reaction To Whales Is Too Good Not To Watch

Depending on who you ask, happiness might be a warm gun or a fish you can't catch. But ask Julie Rossman to show you what happiness looks like and you'll come across this:

Rossman was on a whale watching tour back in August of 2011 near Provincetown, Cape Cod when a pod of 20 whales emerged, much to the delight of everyone on board.

"The breath of a whale, right here at 1 o'clock," Rossman says calmly behind her camera. Things start off slow, but once the whales emerge everything changes and she bursts out into raw, unadulterated excitement.

Her reaction's been compared to the infamous "Double Rainbow" video, but the self-described animal lover says she's happy she recorded everything.

"To see so many whales was just shocking," Rossman told USA Today. "I sound like a fool — but it's such a lucky moment captured in real life."

Admittedly, she was a little embarrassed at first. But after three years of encouragement from friends, Rossman decided to post the video on YouTube:

"I was embarrassed, but the reaction is one of happiness and joy, so there's nothing to be ashamed of."

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