07/04/2014 03:20 EDT | Updated 09/03/2014 05:59 EDT

Costa Concordia: Video of underwater wreck released

Italy's national military police, the Carabinieri, have released underwater pictures shot by divers exploring the wrecked Costa Concordia cruise liner.

The eerie images show investigators swimming through darkened hallways and stairwells, picking their way through water-logged books on the submerged deck. They also find what appear to be shoes left behind when the doomed ship capsized two and a half years ago. Computer terminals at a reception desk remain in place, as does a vase holding flowers on the countertop.

Another shot shows a tangle of pipes from within the 290-metre ship that ran aground off the coast of Italy on Jan. 13, 2012. The disaster killed 32 people. Officials announced on Thursday that an operation to refloat the ship should be complete within 10 days.

Watch divers exploring the wreck site in the embedded video player.