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Andre 3000 Shreds As Jimi Hendrix In 'All Is By My Side' Movie Trailer (VIDEO)

André 3000 shines in Jimi Hendrix trailer

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(Relaxnews) - André Benjamin, one half of crossover hip-hop outfit OutKast, portrays the '60s electrifying guitarist in a clip from "All Is By My Side."

"Might as well hang out with us and be broke and cool," says André's Hendrix. "When the power of love takes over the love of power, that's when things will change."

The trailer lets viewers glimpse Hendrix's rise from unknown American import in Britain to musical maverick on the verge of an incendiary breakthrough.

In this way, it circumvents the need to use the better-known songs from the rock legend's career -- rights not granted to the filmmakers by his estate -- instead focusing on his times as a relative unknown on the up and up.

Despite the plaudits thrown upon the film following its debut at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2013, controversy surrounds some aspects of its reconstruction, with the real Kathy Etchingham distancing herself -- and Jimi -- from events depicted.

"It depicts me as a victim of domestic violence, which isn't true... Apparently he beats me up somewhere. It's just completely made up. Had he done that sort of thing I would have left him and I would say so," the Australian resident told Fairfax Media in June.

John Ridley, the writer of "12 Years a Slave," directs his first feature, while Hayley Atwell ("The Duchess") and Imogen Poots ("The Look of Love") co-star as Kathy Etchingham and Linda Keith respectively; the film goes on general release in North America on September 26, with the UK and Ireland among territories benefiting from an earlier date, August 8.

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