07/05/2014 04:09 EDT | Updated 09/04/2014 05:59 EDT

Sun shines on Do Crew at WICAC fun run

The heat and humidity gave way to a pleasant crispness in the morning air Saturday.

The sun was shining and the breeze was gentle. Amidst the calm, a pack of runners turned another corner as they headed along the quiet streets of BaieD'Urfe.

It was the 11th edition of the annual fun run held by the West Island Crusade Against Cancer. 

Runners were guided and cheered on along their route by Do Crew volunteers. 

All money raised by the runners will go to NOVA West Island, West Island Palliative Care and Canadian Cancer Society.

Congratulations to Jim Morrison, Anne-Marie Legault, WICAC volunteers and all runners for coming out to participate.

A special tip of the hat to the kids who smiled, skipped and ran along the one-kilometre course.

To make an event such as this one work, after months of planning, everyone needs to take their post and work together.  No one does that better than the Do Crew. 

Thanks to Marie-Rose, Katia, Lisa, Louise, Deborah, Gus and Benj for coming out to line the route and encourage the runners.

Your presence always adds a special sparkle to the days event.

Until next time,