07/07/2014 04:54 EDT | Updated 09/06/2014 05:59 EDT

Aldergrove boil water advisory lifted

A precautionary boil water advisory instituted Sunday in Aldergrove, B.C. has been lifted following testing that confirms the water is safe to drink.

Two consecutive tests have shown that the "water is clean and free of any traces of coliform", reads a statement issued by Fraser Health, Monday.

The statement confirms that both Fraser Health and the Township of Langley consider the water safe to drink without boiling.

An advisory was issued Sunday after low levels of coliform bacteria were discovered at a water sampling point in one neighbourhood.

Fraser Health recommends residents and businesses in the affected area to now take the following steps:

-       Flush all water-using fixtures for at least one minute to ensure there is no cloudy water present (as this was not a turbidity event it is unlikely that cloudy water will be seen)

-       Run cold-water faucets and drinking fountains for at least one minute

-       Drain and flush all ice-making machines in refrigerator(s)

-       Run water softeners through a regeneration cycle

-       Drain and re-fill hot water tanks that are set below 45 C (normal setting is 60 C)

-      Change any pre-treatment filters (under-sink style and refrigerator water filters, carbon block, activated carbon, sediment filters, etc.).‎