07/08/2014 03:58 EDT | Updated 07/08/2014 03:59 EDT

What Living Alone Does To Your Style (PHOTOS, GIFS)

Perhaps you've been living alone for years, or maybe you've just recently found a place to call your own after sharing an apartment with roomies or a significant other.

Whether you consider yourself a fashionable person or not, all the rules go out the proverbial window once you start living by yourself.

Check out all the scary things that happen to your style when you live alone:

Your bedroom floor becomes a makeshift laundry bin.

messy bedroom

Your dryer moonlights as your closet.

dryer with clothes

You don't care what you wear when you're alone.

Seriously, you really don't.

Pajamas are daywear.

Changing into clothes when people are coming over is really stressful.

You wear the same outfit all weekend and no one cares.

You're laughing all the way to Monday.

Changing your underwear is optional.

sitting in underwear

You don't care that all your socks have holes in them.

socks with holes

You haven't bought new underwear sets in years.

You have more shoes than shirts.

shoe closet

You haven't set foot in a Victoria's Secret in eons.

And when you do finally go, you're really confused.

You don't care whether the pants you're wearing are too tight when you're eating pizza on the couch.

You can wear your PJs for a month without washing them.

You can spill food on your outfit when you're eating and not worry about anyone making fun of you.

You don't have to wear pants.