07/10/2014 04:46 EDT | Updated 07/11/2014 07:59 EDT

Javier Mascherano Tears Anus While Stopping Arjen Robben, He Says

If the World Cup has given us anything, it's undeniable proof that soccer players aren't the wimps that critics would like to believe they are.

Case in point: Argentina's Javier Mascherano.

Not only did the defensive midfielder possibly sustain a concussion in Wednesday's semifinal, he told a news conference that he tore his anus while stopping an attempt by Dutch player Arjen Robben, according to Yahoo! Sports.

Italian journalist Tancredi Palmeri tweeted the midfielder's words:

While we know that many players dive, we're astonished at the toughness we've seen out of some players at this tournament.

Mascherano's teammate Ezequiel Garay, for example, took a boot to the head earlier in the game and kept on playing.

And in the group stage, the U.S.A.'s Clint Dempsey took a shin to the face against Ghana, apparently breaking his nose. He, too, stayed in the game.

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