07/10/2014 02:17 EDT | Updated 07/10/2014 02:59 EDT

Lamborghini Hits Woman At Vancouver Bike Race (VIDEO)

A woman was clipped by a Lamborghini pace car as she was trying to cross the street at a Vancouver cycling event.

The woman was a race official for the Gastown Grand Prix, a one-day event that closes part of downtown Vancouver, reported CTV News.

Corey Coates, who captured video of Wednesday's incident (above), said on Facebook that people were allowed to cross the empty race course after a bike group had passed, but the woman "just took too long."

She reportedly suffered minor injuries, said CBC News, while the mirror of the sports car was knocked off the passenger side.

The Gastown Grand Prix features a 60-kilometre men's race and 42-kilometre women's race.

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