07/10/2014 02:58 EDT | Updated 09/09/2014 05:59 EDT

Neymar turned off Brazil’s World Cup humiliation, played poker

Injured Brazil star Neymar couldn’t be at Tuesday’s match against Germany as he recovered from a fractured vertebra in his back, so he watched the match in abject horror in the comfort of his own home.

Unlike his teammates and the distraught onlookers in the stands, he had the ability to end his participation in the match early.

So Neymar, according to numerous reports, did what any self-respecting fan would do after a loss like that, and gambled the night away.

According to the famed Spanish sports magazine Marca, Neymar reportedly said "Ya no quiero ver esta mierda! Vamos a jugar poker.”

This translates to "I don't want to watch this [hoo-hah]! Let's go and play poker."

Note: replace “hoo-hah” with any well-known expletive to get a more realistic feel of what Neymar said.

Earlier in the day, Neymar posted a message of encouragement to his charges, and Brazil responded with its worst loss in World Cup history, losing 7-1 to Germany at home.