07/10/2014 12:49 EDT | Updated 07/10/2014 12:59 EDT

Plus-Size Store Installs Pre-Recorded Compliments In Fitting Rooms

Yours Clothing

For all of you who like to bring a posse of gals with you while shopping, a new UK store is giving you the option to leave the girls at the door.

Plus-size retailer Yours Clothing is opening a London store that features change rooms that come equipped with the option to give shoppers compliments when they're trying on clothes in front of the mirror. These pre-recorded messages, which are available on-demand, are designed to boost the confidence (and sales) of the customers.

“We are excited to be opening a store in Uxbridge and the store joins a portfolio of many new store openings that will offer our customers a unique shopping experience,” said Resh Dorka, Sales and Marketing Director at Yours Clothing.

Although we don't know what the robo-stylists/faux girlfriends will say, we have a few ideas:

1. Girl, you look flawless.

2. You're a goddess on the inside and out.

3. Those floral shorts would look amazing with a logo tee (with you in it, obviously).

4. You make that dress look a thousand times better.

5. You'll totally get the job in that outfit.

What do you think about having pre-recorded compliments in fitting rooms?

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