07/11/2014 10:36 EDT | Updated 07/11/2014 10:59 EDT

17 Sad Realities Of Growing Up As A Hairy Kid (And Yes, You're Still Hairy)

Mats Silvan via Getty Images

If you hated wearing shorts, got told to wax or shave your face or got strange looks from people for having hairy arms, you know exactly what it feels like to deal with an abnormal amount of body hair.

As a kid, there was nothing more annoying than standing out because of your hairy upper lip or unibrow. And for the most part, because you were at an age when you weren't allowed do anything about your hairiness, you suffered — and sometimes, took action against the fur.

Here are 17 sad truths about growing up as a hairy female. Which ones did we miss? Let us know in the comments below.

Every time you shaved your legs (when you were allowed to, of course) it felt like this

You've tried bleaching your facial hair and ended up with a blond moustache

It appeared when you went through puberty (the hair!) before most of the boys in your class

Nobody in mainstream media looked like you .. except Bollywood actress Kajol with her famous unibrow

You basically had hair EVERYWHERE

So jeans were your best friend.. and hoodies

Yes, you had a unibrow. And yes, you did everything to get rid of it

You know at least one woman who tried to shave her face

Most likely it was you.

Or you secretly shaved your body with your dad's razor

Often, you kept your hair for religious reasons and stupid kids didn't get it

People who had little body hair always amazed you

Skin that was so smooth. So soft!

Sideburns were always kind of sexy.. on you

You were the first person in your group of friends to experience plucking, waxing and threading

But whatever, you were warmer in the winter

You always were hairier than your crush

Growing up, you tried every single hair removal product in the market, but nothing seemed to work

As an adult, you still deal with the hair and pay a crazy amount of money for waxing or laser hair removal. But whatever you decide to do with it, you know hairiness is just a part of life.

And that's OK.