07/11/2014 03:50 EDT | Updated 09/18/2014 10:59 EDT

Woman In India Asks Strangers For Condoms, Things Get Awkward (VIDEO)

It's a question you probably wouldn't ever ask a stranger, unless of you course you're really in the mood. But when one Indian woman asked random people for condoms for a social experiment, things got incredibly awkward.

In a recent video by YouTube channel Video Daddy, an Indian woman, or Video Momma as she calls herself, walked the streets of a local city in India, asking people in Hindi where she could find a condom.

Without giving away some of the reactions, let's just say not everything goes as planned. While some people pointed her towards a clinic, others were just shocked.

Asking for directions to a pharmacy may be a less direct way to go about getting the same information, but the video also points out that one in 10 men are embarrassed to ask for condoms, while 9 out of 10 women are too afraid to ask at all. Along with the taboo of asking for condoms, there are also thousands of deaths in India per year as a result of unprotected sex. According to UNAIDS, about 90 per cent of people infected with HIV in India are believed to have had unprotected sex.

Check out the video and let us know, would you ever ask a stranger for a condom?

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