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Summer Sandals: Stylish Alternatives To Birkenstocks

Birkenstocks may have seemingly taken over the fashion world this season but we're still not convinced of their allure.

Sure, they're comfy, but there's so much more to summer sandals than these "pretty ugly" shoes. (Though, if you can sport these with a tulle skirt and still look cool, kudos to you.)

Instead, try something a little more daring, like a strappy gladiator (a style that's still going strong). Or maybe go with something simple and dainty. Whatever your style, this summer's store shelves are proof that there's something for everyone. And once you try on something new, you'll forget all about those orthopedic flip-flops you once loved (Birken-whats?)

And contrary to popular believe, just because it's not a Birkenstock, doesn't mean it's not comfy!

It's time to branch out a little! Have a look through the gallery below to check out some of our favourite sandals for summer and get those feet looking fancy. Happy shopping!

Summer Sandals For Women
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