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Supermoon Canada 2014: Best Canadian Photos Of The 'Perigee Moon'

Believe the hype: The "supermoon" is real, and it's spectacular.

A seemingly larger, and brighter-than-normal moon graced the skies of several Canadian cities on Saturday night. Known scientifically as a "perigee moon," the Earth's natural satellite appeared closer than usual, because of its temporary position on the planet's elliptical orbit.

The global phenomenon has also become a social media sensation, with international celestial sightings in Jerusalem, Budapest, New York City, and Cairo. But, according to the Weather Network, the "supermoon" was most visible to Canadians residing in Calgary, Halifax and Vancouver, due to minimal cloud cover.

However, this partial obstruction did not stop the Canucks from snapping photos of the sky. One of the first snapshots of the "supermoon" came at around 5:45 a.m. on Saturday, from the heart of downtown Toronto.

But, in case you missed it, there are two other opportunities to catch the "supermoon" in its natural habitat this summer, with special full moons on Aug. 10, and Sept. 9 -- the former is reportedly set to be this year's closest moon sighting.

Here is a collection of the best "supermoon" sightings in Canada:

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