Chillin' out with cold summer soups: some tips for success

Chilled soups may not be as common as hot, but cookbook author Joy McCarthy believes they are growing in popularity. Even a smoothie could be considered a chilled soup, she says.

Chilled soups made from raw ingredients may require as little as 30 minutes refrigeration before serving. Soups that have been cooked first may require at least two hours. But making it a full day ahead will allow the flavours to blend together thoroughly.

For best results, serve cold soup in a chilled bowl or cup.

Most chilled soups call for all ingredients to be pureed in a blender, but some call for one or more ingredients to be added to the puree whole or in chunks.

Don't forget the garnish on chilled soup. Depending on the kind, you might use a sprig of mint or some orange or lemon zest, fresh herbs, diced or julienned vegetables or a dollop of sour cream or creme fraiche.

If you're not sure you want your cold soup really cold, some high-powered blenders actually generate enough friction to create a little heat, so blending a little longer before serving will warm the mixture slightly.

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