07/14/2014 04:02 EDT | Updated 07/14/2014 04:59 EDT

The Best Sweat-Proof Clothes So You Don't Look Like A Hot Mess (PHOTOS)

Since we’re human and all, it’s completely natural that when temperatures rise, we inevitably start sweating.

For those of us who despise stains of any kind (which is most of us), we know that some fabrics breathe much better than others when it’s hot and humid. These fabrics (a.k.a. "sweat-resistant") fabrics keep you cooler because they’re able to absorb moisture from your body more effectively.

If you’re tired of coming home dripping in a bucket’s worth of sweat, build your summer wardrobe with natural fabrics like 100 per cent cotton, linen, lightweight merino wool, jersey, chambray, rayon and silk. “Moisture wick” fabric is another good option for the heavy sweaters.

Keep cool all summer with our picks for the best clothes to wear in hot temperatures.

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Athleta Twist It Skirt, $69

The Athleta Twist Skirt is versatile and made for low intensity activity, but is stylish enough to wear while you hit up the town. It’s made of breathable fabric to keep you cool while you work out or if you're on a Sunday stroll.

Lululemon Rolling with My Omies Pants, $98

These Lululemon pants are made of an ultra-light sweat wick material for those intense yoga sessions, but not so sporty that you couldn’t wear them outside a gym or studio. Heavy sweaters will appreciate these easy breezy pants in high heat.

Forever 21 Linen Blend Paisley Skirt, $21.80

This cute skirt is a blend of linen and cotton, which means optimal breathability. Plus, who doesn’t love a good paisley pattern in the summer?

LOFT Chambray Romper, $72.65

Chambray is the lightweight sister of denim, promising to keep you cooler than a heavy denim shirt. This LOFT romper will make it hard for sweat to creep up on you.

Roxy Easy Effort Crop Tee, $46

Just by looking at it, you’d never know this stylish Roxy crop top is actually a performance tee. Built with a spandex sweat wick material, you’ll always feel dry and cool.

Haute Hippie Slim Print Silk Drawstring Pants, $441.53

Silk is one of the best fabrics to wear in the summer because it feels cool against your skin. These Haute Hippie pants are 100 per cent silk with a drapey loose cut that won’t stick to your body when it’s humid.

DVF New Jeanne Two Silk Jersey Wrap Dress, $365

Jersey is another great fabric for summer. It does a good job coping with the heat and is a favoured material for DVF’s signature wrap dresses. Lucky us!

American Apparel Organic Fine Jersey Short Sleeve Tee, $18

Natural fibers are ideal when it comes to summer sweating. AA’s classic T-shirt is made of 100 per cent organic cotton in every colour of the rainbow.

Free People Yarn Dye Linen Shorts, $78

If you have a boho aesthetic, you probably already know how to dress to keep cool in the summer, since it lends itself so nicely to breathable fabrics like linen. These FP shorts are lightweight with a great pleated detail along the waist.

Calvin Klein Performance Quick Dry Maxi Skirt, $75

You’re confused: this stylish maxi skirt is actually part of Calvin Klein’s athletics line? Well, technically yes, but it’s made for those who want to wear chic clothing that utilizes quick dry material. We can’t image running a 10K in this, but basking in the sun on a beach? Yes please!