07/14/2014 04:24 EDT | Updated 07/16/2014 04:59 EDT

Flower Beards Are The New Hairy Trend

Beards have been taken in an unlikely direction thanks to an intriguing summer trend.

Flower beards are exactly what they sound like. From near and far, men everywhere have begun to place colourful flowers in their chin hair, making a curiously beautiful statement.

The recent trend originated on Tumblr when blogger Pierre Thiot began his “Will It Beard” project where he places anything – from Lego to confetti – in his beard to see if it will hold. He then photographs the results.

In March, Thiot posted a snap of flowers in his facial hair. “Beard and Flowers,” he wrote. “As requested by…well, pretty much everyone.”

Since then, images of these beard gardens have cropped up all over the Internet. It appears Thiot wasn’t the only one curious enough to place objects in his facial hair.

Credit (top right): Stylist Sarah Winward & photographer Ashley Thalman.

Interestingly, it's noted by Bored Panda that the hairy trend might not actually be new. In fact, one of the site’s listed images can be dated back to 1977, during the aftermath of the hippie movement. At that time, flower crowns were all the rage, which makes flower beards feel like a nod to that fad.

Nonetheless, wherever the trend came from, we just have to say that beards have never looked more appealing. Of course, this trend isn't for everyone — for those who already dislike beards, the notion of something growing out of facial hair can be enough to make you cringe. So for now, let's just admire flower beards for what they are on the internet: an artful take on a classic look.

Can’t get enough of these beard gardens? Have a look at our slideshow below!

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