07/14/2014 03:52 EDT | Updated 07/14/2014 03:59 EDT

Why Shopping For Bridesmaids Dresses Is Actually The Worst

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So you're about to be a bridesmaid, huh? Exciting stuff -- or so you thought.

When your friend asked you to be a member of her bridal party, you were so excited. You pictured playing dress up, getting your hair and makeup done, and partying the night the night away.

But before all that, you need to get your dress. Now, of course, the bride's wedding gown will take centre stage (and it should) but when it comes to making sure her day is perfect, the wedding party's dresses are just as important. And the only way to find the perfect bridesmaid dress is to go shopping, regardless of whether or not you want to.

Prepare yourself for weekends in bridal boutiques with (sometimes) annoying salespeople, catty quips from your fellow maidens, and disagreements upon disagreements. And don't forget about how much it's all going to cost.

But not to fret -- you'll get through it! And we're here to help you -- below are the absolute worst parts about shopping for a bridesmaid dress, so read up, and prepare yourself. You got this!

The thought of trying on dresses all day makes you cringe.

You'd rather not spend your weekends tied up in fitting rooms.

It's just a dress!

You even have to pay special attention to the bra and underwear you wear for the occasion.

You wouldn't want to be caught with a visible panty line, now would you?

And we won't even get started on having to dish out a ton of cash on this dress you'll likely wear just once.

$300?! This is not what you (thought you) signed up for!

The bride will probably have her heart set on one style of dress that, of course, looks horrible on you.

Containing your dislike is pretty hard.

So you'll inevitably compare yourself to how the other girls look in said dress.

Making things worse.

Sometimes, the bride lets you have the freedom to pick your own dress...

But, making decisions isn't your strong suit.

When you find the one, you also find out it doesn't come in a colour that matches her colour scheme..

There will no doubt be competition between bridesmaids at the appointments.

Catty comments will ensue.

You have to wait for everyone to get changed and then share their own opinions..

Some people just love taking their time in the change rooms.

Trying to come to an agreement over which dress is best is basically impossible.

Be prepared to argue a lot.

The sales associates are bound to get on your nerves

But at the end of it all, you just suck it up and wear whatever it is that makes your friend happy. It's her day, after all.

Just dance it off!