07/14/2014 09:18 EDT | Updated 07/14/2014 09:59 EDT

Vanessa Hudgens Goes Unretouched For Bongo Campaign

Vanessa Hudgens returns as the face of Bongo for their fall 2014 campaign and goes au natural – as in unretouched and Photoshop free!

The new ad for the clothing company shows the 25-year-old actress posing in a floral print crop top and high-waisted jeans in a playful, carefree stance. “100 per cent all natural. Unretouched and unfiltered. This is the real Vanessa Hudgens,” the copy says.

“The clothes make me feel carefree and confident, which is why I love that the final ad images are unretouched,” Hudgens said in a statement. “It’s so important for girls to remember that real beauty shines from within, and I’m so proud that Bongo is choosing to send such a positive message with this campaign.”

Minus airbrushing and Photoshop, Hudgens looks stunning with her fresh-faced appearance. Wearing barely any makeup and letting her loose, now blond, waves fall where they may, the actress is inspiring young women everywhere to see their faces and bodies as beautiful.

Dari Marder, chief marketing officer of Iconix Brand Group, agreed with Hudgens’ shining example. “We admire her confidence to go without retouching for this campaign and can’t wait for her fans to see how naturally beautiful she is,” Marder said. “In the age of Instagram filters and Photoshop apps, it is more important than ever that Bongo remains committed to inspiring girls to feel comfortable in their own skin, and we are excited to be partnering with Vanessa to send that message with this campaign.”

Of course, the Bongo campaign isn't the first to publish unretouched images of its models. In the past, Aerie released ads of real women unfiltered to challenge the standards of models. Likewise, and most recently, Colbie Caillat went barefaced for her latest music video "Try" to remind women that we should feel comfortable in our own skin.

Bongo’s ads featuring Hudgens will appear in August issues of magazines, such as Teen Vogue and Cosmopolitan. Hudgens will also make appearances at Sears and Kmart on behalf of Bongo to promote the brand.

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