07/14/2014 08:05 EDT | Updated 09/13/2014 05:59 EDT

What to do when you have a nosebleed: continuous pressure, pinch front of nose

Nosebleeds can be common in children but are rarely a sign of anything serious. Some tips on how to treat and avoid them:

What to do:

— Pinch the front part of the nose with your index finger and thumb.

— Keep the pressure on continuously for five to 10 minutes.

— Lean forward so the blood will move out of the nose.

What not to do:

— Don't keep checking every minute if the nosebleed has stopped — apply continuous pressure.

— Don't put pressure on the bony part of the nose — it's the wrong area to target. Focus on the very front of the nose.

— Avoid leaning back. It will still stop the nosebleed but will send blood into the back of the throat, which can cause an upset stomach.


— If dryness is a problem, use a humidifier and moisturize the inside of the nose with an ointment like Vaseline or Polysporin.

— Those susceptible to allergies should shower before going to bed during pollen season, as well as, close windows and doors.

— Remind kids to keep their fingers out of their noses.